ARA Scores – 2018

September 15th | Match Results

We had really nice weather for this match. Kurt Palmer shot very well and consistent to win the match. You have to love the fall weather.

August 18th | Match Results

We had a perfect day for shooting and it showed in the scores that were shot. Jay Sullivan shot very well all day and ended up winning the match. Kurt Palmer shot a 2400 on the first target, which is a great score and ended up second for the day. Johnny Montgomery was third. There were three scores with an average of over 2,000 another two in the 1900″s and another of almost that. All in all, a great day for shooting.

July 21st | Match Results

Shooting conditions for todays match were very difficult and as you can see, most of us had a hard time reading it consistently. Kurt Palmer from Farmington was 1st, Jay Sullivan was 2nd, and Johnny Montgomery was 3rd. Next month we have the State Championships in Farmington the second Saturday and then our Club Championships here on the following Saturday.

July 7th | Match Results

We had a fairly nice day for our ARA Match last Saturday. Katrina set a new single target score, again, with a score of 2225. Johnny Montgomery was first, Jay Sullivan was second, and Katrina was third. The scores on the last two targets were not as good as on the first two targets, probably due to the wind picking up.

June 2nd | Match Results

We lucked out again and had fairly nice conditions to shoot in. At least they were not strong winds, but they were a little tricky at times. Katrina set new PR’s for both a single target and for the match. Congratulations to her! Johnny Montgomery was first, Jim Pollard was second, and Jay Sullivan was just barely behind him. The next match will be a six target, club match.

May 26th | Match Results

We had a nice day for the match, warm with light winds, which proved to be a little bit challenging at times. We had a new shooter, Harold Anderson, who we all enjoyed and hope he comes back. Katrina Dietz, who was just shooting her third match, set personal records for both a single target and a total aggregate. She is really coming along and the rest of us had. better be on our toes

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