ARA Scores – 2018

May 5th | Match Results

We had a nice morning for our match, even though the wind was a little tricky at times. Jay shot very well with his all metal gun and won the match. lWe will not shoot in two weeks, but will shoot on May 26.

April 7th | Match Results

Saturday’s match saw light winds for the most part, but they were twitchy and made shooting rather interesting. So for the most part I would say they were good. We had a turn out of six shooters. First place went to Johnny Montgomery who just barely beat out Jim Pollard by 25 points, which is twice the difference in one shot between the 100 ring and the 50 ring. Jim was shooting his new space age gun which was built by Jay
Sullivan and it appears that it is going to be a real good shooter when he gets all of the kinks sorted out. We will see.

March 24th | Match Results

We only had four shooters, which was a shame, because the weather for this time of year was almost perfect. There was a condition when it was dead calm that was causing most of us to shoot high. Jay had a better handle on it than the rest of us did. Whether it was optical or the heat coming off of the cold ground, or both, aI do not know. But it was better than shooting in the wind. Get your guns out and join us.

March 10th | Match Results

We had our first ARA match for 2018 and welcomed a new shooter, our first female, Katrina Dietz. She performed very well and will improve a lot with just a little experience. The wind was not strong, but very erratic and swirly. Difficult for all of us, but especially so for a new shooter. I predict she will be someone to watch in the near future. Kirt Palmer from Farmington won the match.

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