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[Found] | Brian call Bill Walker at 505-856-3323 to get your wind reader back

kestrel wind reader with duck tape

[Lost] | Kestrel Weather Meter

Left my Kestrel weather meter at the range a few weeks go on the western-most long rifle range. Green in color with duct tape over the battery port. If found, please call or email Brian. Will compensate safe return with burritos or a small gift card. Thank you!

[Found] | Found

Kestrel wind reader

[Lost] | I left my paper target stand on the east range by the 100 dong. left 4-6-2020 evening checked back 4-7-2020 about 10;:00 am and it was gond

taget stand, target on 2 furring strips,2 hold down stakes

[Lost] | 6 steel pistol targets

9427 Macallan Road Northeast