Lost & Found

Leave something behind at Zia? Find something left behind at one of the ranges? Complete the form below and we will post the Lost or Found items on this page. For found items, provide as little description as possible to leave some way for the rightful owner to identify and prove ownership.
  • For found items, provide enough information, but leave out identifiable information so that the rightful owner can prove ownership. Please remember to include the best way to contact you (phone number, or email address).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Recent items that were lost or found (and reported through this site) are listed below.


[Found] | Spotting Scope Found

Spotting scope left behind, “Plinking Range”, 11/14. Sure want to get it back to you. Call or email with your name and ID the truck you were driving and we’ll get it back to you.

[Lost] | AR40 Pistol

10.5″ barrel, SB Brace, Chinesium optics. Left 6-10 weeks ago and I didn’t notice till I went for it today! OOPS!

[Lost] | R Wazxgxp Qmdt

Hello ziarifleandpistolclub.com

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Thanks, Dewayne Longshore
If you no longer wish to hear from us, please reply to this email.

[Lost] | Kestrel Weather Meter

Left my Kestrel weather meter at the range a few weeks go on the western-most long rifle range. Green in color with duct tape over the battery port. If found, please call or email Brian. Will compensate safe return with burritos or a small gift card. Thank you!

[Lost] | Lost weapon: 9mm semi automatic, stainless steel slide, with 2 magazines in Green heavy duty rug with leather trim and heavy brass zipper. Accompanied with 30 cal GI Can some remaining ammunition, tagged with grren label 9MM. I have the purchas receipt and serial number for identification. If you have found this return would be appreciated. 505 463 0944

9mm semi automatic with stainless steel slide, 2 magazines in a green heavy duty travel bag with leather trim and heavy duty brass zipper. Accompanied with 30 cal GI cal, green label “9MM” and some remaining ammunition. On return home thought all range gear placed back in safe. On packing for a range visit to day, found . Apparently a STUPID error, all other equipment where stored.

[Lost] | Knife.

I found my knife! So no need to post it lost. Thank you. Sorry for the trouble.