ZIA Rifle and Pistol Club must be closed November 16th through November 29th per Governor Grisham's order.

This is only for a couple of weeks, and then to be reviewed.

Stay Safe and keep your spirits up


Our Mission

Zia Rifle and Pistol Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the Second Amendment, the promotion of safe shooting and the support of wildlife conservation.

Guidebook Change

The Board of Directors has issued a change to the Member GuideBook. This change adds clarifying language (p. 6) which explains that "Cased" weapons are treated the same as "Uncased" weapons for the purpose of firearms handling on Zia Ranges. As such, there are to be no weapons handling permitted on Zia except during periods of "Hot" range activity except for formal and informal matches per By-Laws Article VIII, Sect. 2 & 3. Please read this change carefully and make every effort to abide by this long-standing but sometimes misunderstood safety rule.

[Found] | Found on 11/12/2020 – Bag full of reload ammo –223 and 45 ACP, ar mags, 1911 mags —

bag full of reload ammo –223 and 45 ACP, ar mags, 1911 mags —

New Members

Prospective members can continue to apply for consideration into the club and their applications will be noted and placed in the “first received selection” file for orientation classes beginning in the above period.

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Existing Members

Existing members can renew their membership for 2020-2021. Existing members must fill in the application and the test and send both to the address on the application. Please remember to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope..

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Membership Renewal Paperwork

Renewal Application Complete the attached membership application and submit it according to the instructions listed.

Renewal Membership Exam Complete the attached existing member renewal exam and submit it with the above Membership Renewal Application.

Women’s Only Class

Zia sponsors a women's only pistol and personal protection class twice a year. Currently that class is held each April and October. For further information, email LadiesClass@ziarifleandpistolclub.com

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