Action Pistol Scores

August 8th, 2015: Our next scheduled match is Aug 22nd.  Remember, because we have five Saturdays this month, we will have a “snubbie/carry/5 shot friendly” match on 29 Aug.  If you don’t have a “snubbie/carry/5 shot friendly” gun, bring  what you have. July 25th, 2015: Sorry they are so late but I was off camping at Monzano Mt SP.  Nice quite place with great hiking nearby in Red Canyon.  Lots of big critter tracks in the fresh rain soaked soil. Hope to see you at the next match  next weekend.  Enjoy. July 11th, 2015: Thanks again to all for setting up and the stage tear down.  As I went through the scores I became worried that the formulas somehow got corrupted. Some of the totals didn’t look right, maybe some shooters were having a good day and others “not -so-good”. I double checked many of the tabulations by hand and they all appear correct.  If you find a error somewhere I missed please let me know.  As you recall, last month I made a modification to the “B” Zone.  Scores are as such: A’s = 5 pts B’s = 4 pts C’s = 3 pts D’s = 2 pts Miss = -10 pts N/S = -10 pts Procedurals = -10 pts June 13th, 2015: Lots of “upsets” in some of the stages, what a blast!  We all look forward to seeing you at the June 27th shoot, same Action Time, Same Action Place.  If you are interested in designing a stage or picking one for the stage box please show-up @ 0800 when we start setting-up. May 9th, 2015: As you will see the storm nixed one of the stages so their scores are not reflected in the Total Sheet but they are in the stages they completed. There were many MAJOR issues on the score sheets.  Too many shots, not enough shots, missing targets and data that did not simply add up.  I worked with some shooters on what they remembered and gave some shooters a freebee.  I think that in the rush to beat the storm we had a lot of folks scoring at the same time instead of letting the RO do the scoring.  I think it Got very confusing.  At least at this match Ron wasn’t  giving giving away a Cadillac cause I think we would have some upset shooters.  Most Shooters prefer walking with the RO while he/she scores each target and then the score keeper repeats the scores to confirm. April 25th, 2015: Attached you will find the scores from the Apr 25th Match. Paul!  You were smokin!! Thanks again to Ron for his leadership and all the folks that helped set up and tear down the stages.  I hope you noticed how nice the target container looked.  Thanks to the members that made that happen.  We will all try to keep it that neat. Remember:  May has 5 Saturdays.  That means we will have a snubbie/carry/5 shot friendly match on 30 May. Don’t have a snubbie/carry/5 shot?  No Problem, bring that hog leg, full size Auto or Lawn Cannon and have fun. March 28th, 2015: Attached you will find the scores from the Mar 28 Shoot.  Thanks Ron for your Leadership! On a side note:  Scott accuses me of reading bed time stories to my shell cases in preparation for reloading.  Well I am a bit focused on ultrasonic cleaning, polishing and sorting.  Recently my two year old Lyman 2500 Ultrasonic cleaner’s heating element when out.  I contacted Lyman on the issue and they informed me the element is not replaceble.  The support department told me to box it up and send it to them and they would send me a completely new system despite the fact it was well out of warranty.  Here’s a shout out to Lyman product support!!  My new unit cam here today. Also:  If you clean your brass before polishing, (with or without an Ultrasonic cleaner)  Here’s a tip:  I always de-prime my brass before I clean it and I have found the Sonic brass cleaner is very expensive even if you filter it and reuse it.  Try this solution (with or without a Ultrasonic unit)  Mix One (1) Quart Hot water with One (1) cup of White Vinegar, with One (1) Tbsp salt, and One (1) Tbsp dish soap.  Use this in your ultrasonic cleaner or let your brass soak in it over night.  Rinse Well, let dry over night then throw it in your polisher.  It works great and saves you money. March 14th, 2015: Attached you will find the scores from last weekend’s match.  Thanks again Ron for a great day and exciting stages. Our next match is scheduled for March 28.  If you have a stage in mind please run it by Ron. February 14th, 2015: Attached are the results from the Feb 14th Fun Match.  Stage 1 was not fun for many of us! We look forward to seeing you on 28 Feb for our next match. January 24th, 2015: Attached you will find the scores from the Sat 24 Jan match.  Thanks again to the stage setters and everyone’s help.  Remember we will have a snubbie/carry five shot friendly match on 31 Jan.  If you don’t have a snubbie/carry gun bring what you have and have fun! January 10th, 2015: Remember, Ron will have the Snubbie/carry match on Jan 31st. Same time and place.  Normally a 5 shot friendly match but it’s OK to bring what you have, even a hog-leg. December 27th, 2014: Rumor has it that Ron will be sporting a new Tricked out SUPER gun that Santa dropped or lost down his chimney.  We can only wonder…… (Shark with lasers?) See you at the next match, 10 Jan. I have a stage for Berm 2 with the Plate rack and the Flipper if Ron OK’s it.  21 Shots if you don’t miss.  If you have something in mind for a berm contact Ron. December 13th, 2014: Thanks again to all those that helped set up and tear down. Thanks Ron for your leadership. November 29th, 2014: Results for the November 29th Snubbie/Carry Action Pistol Match. Stage 1 & 3 were the same course of fire as Stage 2 & 4 were the same.  Ron encourages you to bring your snubbie revolver as well as your baby carry auto to these matches so you can compare your marksmanship. October 25th, 2014: Stage One ( Mag Change ) was not separated by class because (except for the revolver shooters) there was no difference between Hicap and Lim 10. September 12th, 2014: Thanks Ron for the leadership and thanks to the creative stage setters, WOW!