Action Pistol

Action Handgun is a low key, low stress, enjoyable competition geared for new shooters and experienced shooters alike.  It stresses simple courses where all types of handguns are competitive.  It is a great way to learn to handle your gun competently and have fun at the same time!

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See HERE for the Action Pistol Handgun rules.

Please visit the Link to the Action Handgun Safety Rules. Read and understand the rules before taking part in this activity.

Zia Action Handgun uses a modified IPSC scoring system on USPSA metric paper targets and an array of various falling plates, poppers and spinning steel targets. Scoring divides the points you get for a stage by the time for that stage, with the high score winning. “A” zone hits are 5 points, “B” zone hits are 4 points, “C” zone hits are 4 points, and “D” zone hits 2 points. Some stages are scored “Virginia Count”, which means you can only shoot a specified number of rounds. If a stage is designated as “Comstock”, you can shoot as many rounds as the shooter desires. Shots missed on paper targets, where the required number of hits are not shown on the target, are counted as misses and are scored as -5 points. Shots on “no-Shoot” targets are scored as -10 points. Shots that fail to follow the proscribed instructions of the stage are scored as ” Procedurals” and count as -10 points for each shot. Hits on “Hard Cover” parts of targets do not count against the score unless the required number of hits on the visible part of targets are not present.

Shots that cut the perforations on the score lines of the target are scored to the higher score. Shots that cut the line of hard cover are scored at the score of the paper target. Shots that cut the edge perforation of a “No Shoot” target are scored as a “No Shoot” and the score on the paper target that my be behind the “No Shoot”. Shots that do not cut the edge perforation are scored as a miss or the value of a viable target behind the “No Shoot”.

Some other advanced rules such as failing to engage an individual target are not used in Zia’s Action Handgun Matches. Any safe handgun can be used with some restrictions. Semi-automatic pistols are divided into two divisions: Limited 10 (Lim10) and High Capacity (HiCap). The Limited 10 division allows only up to 10 rounds per magazine. The High Capacity division has no limit on the number of rounds in the magazine.

The revolver division allows any revolver. If the shooting month has five (5) Saturdays, that match will represent a Concealed Carry Match where pocket draws are permitted if approved by the Match Director or Range Officer.

In normal matches only safe holster equipment that covers the trigger can be used. The belt must be at waist level. Hip mounted tactical holsters may be used, provided all tie down straps are fastened. Cross draw and shoulder holsters are prohibited. Concealed carry equipment may be used but it is not required. If shooters do use concealed carry holsters from a point behind their hip, we ask that the shooter “blade” or twist their body when drawing and holstering their weapon to keep from breaking the 180 safety rule.