F-Class shooting is the newest form of target shooting that presents a challenge to even the best and most experienced hunter/shooter. It is an opportunity for individuals that want more than casual target shooting and plinking to hone their shooting skills. Zia has an activity which is F-Class for AR-15 rifles called F-AR15. This document provides more information about this activity. F-Class is an outgrowth of Palma shooting which requires the shooter to use micrometer aperture (iron) sights firing a 7.62 NATO cartridge (.308 Win) at ranges from 600 to 1,000 yards. The goal of F-Class (originating in Canada in the 1990’s) was to allow shooters who no longer had the vision or physical strength for Palma to continue shooting at a competitive level for many more years. It is also an ideal way to interest younger shooters and new shooters to high power shooting. F-Class shooting is divided into two categories: F-Class Open: The most flexible as it allows the shooter to use any target rifle with a bull barrel and scope to shoot off a front rest with a rear bag in calibers up to .338 Win. Your scope should be at least 20x and be able to “zero in” on the center X at 200 yards. However, a magnification of 25x-35x is better. F-Class/Target Rifle: This is referred to as F/TR and is restricted to the .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. In this category, shooting is off a bipod, rather than the front rest, but still with a rear bag. Again, a good scope is required to be successful. Please Note: We are able to accommodate normal HP and Sling prone shooters. To make the accommodation we will either switch targets or add a point for sling shooters for every score. The NRA recognizes two range classifications for F-Class: Separating shooting into Mid-Range (300, 500, & 600 yard distances) and Long-Range (800, 900, & 1,000 yard distances). Targets for F-Class are the normal high power targets used for slow fire prone, with the addition of a .5 MOA X-ring. All other rings now score one point lower than they do on the highpower target. Prone targets are the same but scored one point higher and the .5 MOA X is not scored) Here at ZIA, we have an excellent Mid Range setup. Our chosen course of fire is twenty round strings at 500 and 600 yards. The shooter has unlimited sighters at 500 yards and two sighters at 600 yards. The format is for two shooters on the firing line, one shooting and one scoring, with two in the pits pulling and marking the target. The format is informal, easy to get started and very well suited to two people from one family: In other words, it is ideal for parents, spouses, siblings and your teenagers. AND, it is possible for family members to share the same equipment, if costs are a factor… we will accommodate you. We shoot year-round on the first Sunday of each month. If you are not sure about F-Class, come out and watch us shoot. There will always be someone there willing to explain things and show you the equipment. Starting Time for Matches is 8 AM Time to Arrive for Setup is 7:30 AM Shooters are allowed unlimited sighters at 500 yards We are usually completed by: Noon – 1 PM IMPORTANT NOTE: The rifle that you choose to shoot should have ballistic coefficients and velocities within the values of the following chart: Contact for additional information: John Dink: jcdink@msn.com Cell # 505-414-7562