Existing Member Renewal

Existing members can renew their membership for 2021-2022. Existing members must fill in the application and the test below and send both to the address on the application. Please remember to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The application and the test are in fillable PDF format. Save the PDF files on your computer. Open them up and fill them out electronically and save the changes. You can then print them and send them in with your payment.

2022 – 2023 Membership Renewal Application and Renewal Exam

IMPORTANT: New members cannot use this form. See the section below for new member requirements.

Renewing members will not get a new key with their renewal because the previous key and key number will continue to be valid. They will get a new membership card in the mail to show they are current for the new year.

Existing members who have not renewed their membership prior to May 1st, a $35 late fee will be required in addition to your normal membership dues. Please get your renewals in as close to and prior to the deadline so that we may get renewal memberships processed in a timely manner and prevent your key card from being deactivated. Thank you.