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Welcome to Action Handgun!

Action Handgun is a low key, low stress, enjoyable competition geared for new shooters and experienced shooters alike. It stresses simple courses where all types of handguns are competitive. It is a great way to learn to handle your gun competently and have fun at the same time! 

Action Handgun is a sport dedicated to the informal shooting of handguns. 

  • Our sport sharpens the skills the average citizen should exercise in the safe handling and operation of typical, standard handguns. 
  • At Action Handgun, you learn by observation of others and following standard sport shooting and safety procedures. It’s more like on-the-job training than a class. You’ll learn by having fun. 
  • We are an equal opportunity sport. Shooters with special needs are encouraged to take a look. Challenged, Senior Citizens, or disabled persons that feel they might benefit from the safety of a firearm are encouraged to join us. As necessary, appropriate, and safe, accommodations will be made for Shooters. 
  • We have two strict rules: You must be a safe Shooter, and you must have fun.

Basic equipment requirements to participate are:

  • Any safe handgun
    • Any safe holster that covers the trigger guard
    • Belt for holster that must be at waist level
    • Multiple magazines or speed-loaders 

See Action Handgun Rules for further details.