F Class 600 Yard Rifle Match

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The monthly 600 yard rifle match is an opportunity for shooters to stretch their shooting legs a bit.

Scoring follows the NRA division format which divides shooters into several divisions.

F-Class Open: The most flexible as it allows the shooter to use any target rifle and scope to shoot off a front rest with a rear bag in calibers up to .338 Win. Your scope should be at least 30x with the ability to provide the elevation required to shoot an F class target at 600 yards. Higher magnification scopes will obviously enhance the target view.

F-Class/Target Rifle: This is referred to as F/TR and is restricted to the .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. In this category, shooting is off a bipod, rather than the front rest, but still with a rear bag. Again, a good scope is required to be successful.

We do accommodate other F class shooters such as sling shooters.

New shooters will be required to hit a steel plate placed at 600 yards before shooting on the Shot Marker targets.

The match consists of two 20 round strings of fire. There are unlimited sighters before shooting for score on the first string, only two sighters are allowed before shooting for score on the second string. Each string has a 20 minute time allotment which includes sighters.

This match is loosely fashioned after the NRA F class matches but is not sanctioned by the NRA due to the fact that we shoot the Shot Marker electronic targets which are not accepted by the NRA. We do not keep track of monthly scores as there is no Escalade to win at the end of the year. This is just a fun match.