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Note: Casual shooting is available to Zia members anytime the shotgun range is not being used for formal activities or closed for maintenance or some other reason. We have several Lincoln manual clay traps in place and available on the shotgun range. A patterning board located down range on the shotgun range is available for patterning a shotgun. Members, their guests and families are welcome to use the facilities on a first come, first serve basis. The club does not provide consumables for casual shooting such as clay birds but they can be purchased locally at sporting goods stores.

Wobble Trap Activity

Wobble Trap is normally on the fourth Sunday of every month – refer to the Zia activity calendar for details. Trapshooting is one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting (trap, skeet and sporting clays) and is shot throughout the world. There are variations to trap shooting with Zia offering a wobble trap setup. In Wobble Trap, up to 5 shooters shoot in turn at a trap set behind an enclosure (trap house) that is 16 yards in front of the shooters. The trap oscillates 45 degrees from side to side as well as up and down. A “round” of Wobble Trap is 25 targets and costs $3. Children/relatives of Zia members 21 years old or younger shoot for free.

Shotgun Range Safety Rules

  1. Do not use any firearm other than a shotgun on the shotgun range.
  2. Only shot size 7-1/2, 8, or 9 is permitted.
  3. When moving between stations, or around the range, shotguns shall be unloaded and the action open.
  4. When shooting wobble trap, always turn to the right when moving from station 5 to station 1.
  5. Clean up the range after shooting. Pick up all empty shells, cardboard cases, etc.
  6. Eye and ear protection is required.
  7. During casual shooting with more than one group shooting, establish appropriate range communication/range control between shooting groups.
  8. Steel shot is not to be fired at the patterning board and a minimum distance to fire at the patterning board is 20 yards.
  9. Fire in the direction of west to south between the white marking posts.
  10. See the Member Guidebook for additional specific information as to the use of shotgun range.