Rimfire Benchrest Scores

Rimfire Benchrest Silhouette 01-11-2015: Cloudy and cool, just enough wind occasionally to fool you …. light turnout, need to get some kids interested… you know, someone less than 60. Probably need to get some “mice” targets at 50 to make it more interesting. 

Rimfire Benchrest Silhouette 10-12-2014: A windy morning seemed to keep shooters home this Sunday. A somewhat consistent and heavy head wind seemed to help a couple of shooters while making the rest of us work hard trying to find that magic “hold” for the conditions. Rick Dotson scored a second perfect score today. Somehow Rick has managed to shoot both 40’s on days having particularly high winds and generally terrible shooting conditions. Jan Gosau had an impressive score himself managing a 35 using a front bag only due to an early morning equipment loading “malfunction” that left his front rest at home. Lets hope for a calm morning next month.

Rimfire Benchrest Silhouette 08-10-2014: Another windy day lowered some scores. New shooter, Jacob Gurule, shot well for his first try at benchrest silhouette. Glad he came out along with a couple of other occasional silhouette shooters as it made for a good sized group. Hope we’ll see them again next month.