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Small Bore Silhouette shooting is one of the most challenging sports for individual marksmanship. Many great shooting competitions offer challenging shots at long range from a bench or other supported position. All our shooting is done from a standing position swaying in whatever breeze there happens to be. 

We shoot 10 chickens (approximately 4”x3”) at 40 meters, 10 pigs (approximately 6”x8”) at 60 meters, 10 turkeys (approximately 5”x9”) at 77 meters, and 10 rams (approximately 10”x14”) at 100 meters. The sizes indicated are “half size” targets.  We also shoot NRA Regulation 1/5th size targets.  And they are much, much smaller! 

A total of 40 rounds are needed for a match plus sight-in rounds.  

We shoot with .22 rim fire rifles with scopes or open sights. Any standard velocity or high velocity .22 short, long, or long rifle ammo is permitted but the extra hot rounds such as the STINGER or VIPER rounds and magnums are prohibited.

Match time sequencing:

  • Ready Time – Fifteen seconds will be allowed after the command READY is given before the command FIRE. 
  • Two and one half minutes will be allowed to fire one shot on each target of a bank of five targets. Targets are shot in sequential order from left to right.

Time is not checked on each shot but is computed on the indicated allowance for each five-shot string. The Range Officer may terminate any relay before completion of the full time allowance, if all competitors in that relay have completed firing. 

Setup starts at 8:00am. We will have a sight-in/practice period starting after set up and will start the match promptly at 9:00am. 

This event is open to any Zia member/guest and all are welcome.  Juniors are encouraged to try this fun and challenging shooting sport.

The small bore rifle silhouette match is held on the first Sunday of each month.