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The online membership system is live!!!

2024-2025 membership renewal: current members should have received an email from the new Zia Membership System on March 1st.  If you did not get the email, please reach out to Lois at membership@ziarifleandpistolclub.com or Chris at secretary@ziarifleandpistolclub.com and we will help you!

Questions about your member status or this process? Call our membership chair directly at (505) 281-2800. If you get a recording from “Print Professionals”, you have the correct number and should leave a message.

Renewal Steps and links in Case You Can’t Find the Welcome Email:

A nicer version of these instructions with step-by-step pictures is available here.

How to Complete the Annual Refresher and Renew your Membership:

Step 1 – Complete the Annual Refresher Test

  • You and each of your Associate members need to complete the Annual Refresher found here. Once you pass the test, you will receive a special Refresher Code. Note: Your Associate member(s) also need to take the test, and each get a code of their own.  Helpful hint: the Codes are a jumble of characters – use of copy/paste is recommended when you enter them in Step 4.

Step 2 – Choose a Password for Your Zia Membership System Account

  • Your account was created by the membership team, but you need to use the “Lost Password Reset” process to set a password of your choosing.  Here is a link to the Lost Password Reset page. 

Step 3 – Log Into Your Zia Membership System Account

  • The password reset complete page includes a link to the “Client Area” (that is where you want to go), or you can click this one right here.

Step 4 – Complete and Verify Your Information

  • Click the green Update button on the left under your name and address and complete your member information.
  • Verify your Name, Address, Phone, Payment Method, Language, etc.
  • Scroll down and enter and/or verify (fields on the site ending in * are required)
    • Enter your Primary Member Refresher Code from Step 1 (hint: use copy/paste)
    • Enter your Date of Birth and Emergency Contact Name/Phone
    • Enter your NRA membership Number, Type, and Expiration (leave Expiration blank for Life membership)
    • Verify Associate Names, enter their Refresher Codes, and verify Junior Names as applicable (do not add Associates or Juniors – open a ticket instead)
    • The items towards the bottom are for the Club to understand member demographics (details of our members are never shared per the ByLaws)
  • CRITICAL: When you are done, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen (or your changes will go “poof”).
  • After clicking Save Changes, please scroll back to the top and click Portal Home to get back to the summary page.

Step 5 – Verify Your Membership Configuration

  • Click on the View Details button to the right of your Annual Membership.
  • Verify the details of your membership – these were generated from our records:
    • Senior Rate, Number of Associates, Juniors, etc.
  • If anything needs changing, go to Portal Home, then click the Open New Ticket button and submit a ticket describing the changes needed and the membership team will fix it as soon as possible (it may take a few days).

Step 6 – Either Save a Credit Card or Pay your Invoice (Invoices Will Generate on 3/18/2024)

  • If everything looks good, go to Portal Home, click the green Update button under your name and address, then click Payment Methods in the left side box to add a credit card to your account.  DO NOT CLICK THE CART – there is no “Check Out”.  The system will automatically invoice you on March 18th and pay it with the card you entered and send you two emails: an invoice and a receipt saying it is paid.  Lois will put your shiny new membership card in the mail once your membership is paid.

**Do you need to pay by check or money order? Click on Portal Home, then click the Open New Ticket button and submit a ticket letting us know and we will get that set up and give you instructions.

Step 7 – Enjoy the Range!

That’s it, you did it!  You can go to Portal Home and Log Out if you want or just close your browser.  Either way you are all set for another year of membership in the Club!