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Long Range Rimfire Benchrest

Also known as “mouse gun” is on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Setup at 7:30am, match at 8:00am.

Any .22 rifle can be used as long as it shoots long rifle ammo, no magnum or “stinger” ammo!

A scope that you are familiar with is highly recommended – the higher the magnification the better and more importantly, one with generous elevation adjustment. We shoot ten 2×2” chickens at 60 meters, ten potato size pigs at 100 meters, ten sparrow size turkeys at 150 meters and finally ten postcard size rams at 200 meters. When your relay is called, you will access your bench designated for that specific bay of 10 targets. Your favorite sandbag, bipod,  rest, or whatever is allowed. You will have 15 minutes once the command to fire is called to shoot as many “sighters” as you need at the sight in plate (8”x11”) or the swinger target adjacent. Once you feel good to go for score, no more sighters! Instead, you take 10 rounds only and go left to right in order and knock over as many as possible in your bay. X for hit and O for miss. It is challenging at best, but many first timers get “hooked” after their first match!  Come see and bring your rifle and lots of ammo!