Junior Rifle

The purpose of the junior division is to provide marksmanship instruction to junior members of the club.
Juniors must be able to adhere to range safety procedures and discipline. 
Generally juniors must be ten years of age as a minimum and pass from the junior program the year of their 20th birthday.

All juniors must receive an initial range safety orientation on their first visit to the indoor range. 
Most of the junior practices are conducted in the Club’s 50 foot indoor range. 
Practice may be either with .22 caliber rifle of .17 caliber pellet gun.

The programs offered are:
· NRA Jr. Olympic program.
· Boy Scouts of America Rifle or Shotgun merit badge programs.
· 4H Riflery program
(requires pellet or firearm participation based upon age and to compete in the district match, 
needs to have passed the NM Dept. of Game and Fish Hunter Safety course). 
The 4H Riflery county competition is hosted by Zia juniors on a Friday night in the month of May annually.

Practices are usually conducted on Saturdays starting at about 0930 and continuing until Juniors 
have completed their practice round. 
Practices are generally published in the club bulletin. 
As a matter of practice, fifth Sundays of the month, Sundays in a weekend with a major holiday 
or severe weather may be reasons for a no-practice Sunday. 
Practices are not conducted during the months of June, July, and August. Practices resume in September.

The Junior program hosts several NRA registered sectional matches, usually in the spring of the year. 
These matches may be for juniors or senior competitors and are generally announced in the club newsletter 
shortly after NRA registration approval has been obtained. These are 22 caliber, 50 foot competitions. 
Match schedules determine the specific match conditions and course of fire to include the number of record 
shots per position and time limits. These matches are usually conducted on weekends.

The junior program has club equipment and accessories available for junior use. 
Rifles, scopes, jackets, mats, etc. are available to juniors at no cost. 
Ammunition is available for use at the range at a nominal cost depending on availability.

Hearing and eye safety equipment must be worn at all times while practicing. 
All non-shooters in the range house during practice must wear ear protection while shooting is going on.

For more information, contact:
Joel Martin
Chair, Junior Division
Zia Rifle and Pistol Club
(505) 550-7988