Shotgun Activity Changes

To implement a smoother sign in for the Sporting Clay Activity (3rd Sunday’s shoot) an email sign in system is being implemented. Starting for the October 20, 2013 shoot, sporting clay shooters are encouraged to use the email sign in process (as below). Sign in can be for a squad of up to 7 shooters or as an individual. Please help us with sign in by using the email sign in process. Also, all shoots, beginning October 5, 2013, the times for shotgun activities will be changed to sign in: 0900, Shoot: 9:30am.

Squads of up to 7 shooters can register by contacting Payment will be collected at the shoot. Email registrations accepted no later than the day before the shoot. Registering at the shotgun range on the day of the shoot is allowed but there is no guarantee a shooter will get a specific squad request. Shooters are strongly encouraged to use the email sign in process. Please list your squad’s shooters by name in the requested order of shooting. No more than seven (7) shooters allowed per squad. Email address of sender will be used as contact unless otherwise instructed. Please coordinate your request with all individuals on the squad to avoid multiple registrations for the same individuals.